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    Project time: May 2015

    Project name: Guangzhou Zengcheng Procuratorate

    Company name: Guangzhou third party decoration

    Project contents: 9 sets of cabinet HFC-227ea fire-extinguishing devices and 1 set of HFC-227ea fire-extinguishing system

    Project area: 1. First Floor Archive Room (I) 2. First Floor Archive Room (II) 3. First Floor Audio and video Warehouse 4. Four-floor information network room

    Engineering consumption: Total system protection area: 360m², total system HFC-227ea agent: 200kg, total protection area of fire extinguishing device: 2116m²

    Total quantity of HFC-227ea agent for fire extinguishing device: 1230kg

    Zengcheng County People's Procuratorate (formerly Zengcheng County People's Procuratorate) is located in Zengcheng, a beautiful city that strives for the demonstration point of the Scientific Outlook on Development and the modern ecological new urban area in the east of Guangzhou. It was founded in June 1955. In 1966, it was suspended due to the "Cultural Revolution". In 1992, it was renamed "Zengcheng People's Procuratorate" because of the withdrawal of counties and the construction of cities in Zengcheng. Zengcheng People's Procuratorate has set up anti-corruption and bribery bureau, anti-malfeasance and infringement bureau, 11 internal organs, 1 directly administrative unit and 1 directly affiliated institution, with political and legal special establishment of 96, 13 business establishment, procuratorial clerk quota 9, currently 50 prosecutors (including 38 procurators, 12 assistant procurators), 15 clerks, 8 bailiff. There are 14 civil servants without legal titles (including civil servants on probation), 13 business editors and 8 clerks, who fully perform the duties of legal supervision entrusted by the Constitution and laws.

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