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  •  Guangzhou Rong 'an Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the historic Shawan ancient Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It is a professional fire equipment manufacturer integrating research and development, production, design and sales. The company has national fire industry Standard Committee experts and a group of more than 10 years of fire industry professional technical service team experience, constantly require its strict implementation, safety, efficient, common development of these three concepts, good products and services. After more than ten years of efforts, has been recognized and praised by all cooperation units, and now has a number of listed companies such as Guangzhou Railway Group, Guangfa Securities, Dengfeng Power Plant, China Central Europe Center, Shihu Passenger Line, Foshan Business Center, Hengshui Unicom partnership. Registered trademark Rong 'an Fire referred to as "Rong Xiao", has been in the fire equipment industry with excellent quality, high safety to win a certain popularity. Main products: Fire hydrant box obtained the test report of the national fixed fire extinguishing system and refractory parts Quality supervision and inspection center. The external storage pressure (backup pressure type) HFC-227ea fire extinguishing system has obtained the technical appraisal certificate of Fire Fighting products issued by the Fire Fighting Products Qualification Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Public Security (available at and the test report of the National Fixed Fire extinguishing System and Fire-resistant Parts Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Hfc-227ea fire extinguishing system and cabinet HFC-227ea fire extinguishing device have obtained the "China Compulsory Product Certification Certificate" (3C Certificate for short) issued by the Fire Products Certification and Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Public Security. Can be found at and the National Solid Fire Extinguishing System and Quality Supervision Fireproof Components Qualification Evaluation Center issued by China Compulsory Product Certification and Inspection Center, the factory has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and is covered by Ping An Insurance of China.

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