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  • Discussion on Three Characteristics of Heptafluoropropane Gas
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    Discussion on Three Characteristics of Heptafluoropropane Gas


          In the contemporary society with the development of science and technology and the needs of the contemporary environment, fire safety is also getting more and more attention, from the common fire water spray fire, to the bottled carbon dioxide gas fire, dry powder fire extinguishers and so on. Different occasions need fire extinguishing equipment and protection areas of the items are not the same, more important regional specialization and environmental awareness to use a special extinguishing gas - heptafluoropropane.

    First, the characteristics: the chemical formula of hexafluoropropane is CF3-hfc-CF3, or C3HF7, the melting point is -131 ° C, the boiling point is -16.4 ℃, slightly soluble in water (260 mg / L), precisely because the heptafluoropropane reagent has such a Melting point and boiling point with such a characteristic, when the fire, the heptafluoropropane gas can quickly reduce the temperature within the region, so that the temperature within the region can not achieve the required temperature of combustion, so as to achieve the purpose of fire.

    Second, environmental protection: Heptafluoropropane is a colorless and tasteless without chlorine or bromine, low toxicity, non-conductive, do not pollute the protected object, will not damage the atmosphere of the ozone layer, will not damage the property and precision facilities, Can be a lower fire concentration, reliable fighting B,Class C fires and electrical fires. It was used to replace the environmental hazards of the Dragon 1301 and the sea dragon 1211 as a fire extinguishing agent raw materials.

    Heptafluoropropane parameters:

    The depletion potential of the ozone layer is ODP = 0

    Greenhouse potential GWP = 0.6

    Life in the atmosphere ALT = 31 years

    Fire extinguishing agent non-toxic reaction concentration NOAEL = 9.0%

    Extinguishant Toxicity Concentration LOAEL = 10.5%

    Fire extinguishing design Basic concentration C = 8%

    Lower than NOAEL and LOAEL, relatively safe

    The life cycle of heptafluoropropane in the atmosphere is about 31 to 42 years, and there is no residue or grease left after release, and can be removed through the normal exhaust channel, so it is suitable as a data center or server storage center Of the fire extinguishing agent.

    Third, note: 1. Heptafluoropropane, although relatively stable at room temperature, but at high temperatures will still break down, and produce hydrogen fluoride, resulting in pungent taste. Other combustion products include carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

    2. Contact with liquid heptafluoropropane can cause frostbite.

    3. Heptafluoropropane can also be used as a wet rocket rocketpropellant)。

    4. Heptafluoropropane is used in dose inhalers for dispensing, such as inhalers for use in asthma treatment.

    The market to follow the changes in the times and the environment and continue to need more features, heptafluoropropane also came into being.

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